Math Curriculum

Number Foundations

Learning and sequencing numbers up to 500.

Horizontal Addition

Learning basic addition facts

1 - 9

Horizontal Subtraction

Learning basic subtraction facts 1 - 9

Vertical Addition & Subtraction

Review of horizontal subtraction and addition, regrouping and ungrouping.

Horizontal Multiplication & Division

Learning basic mulitplication and division from 2 - 12. Includes remainders.

Vertical Multiplication & Division

Multiplying larger numbers and long division.


Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions.

Decimals & Percents

Intro to advanced math principles such as intergers, ratios, percentages, and probability.


Introduces order of operations, rational numbers, and operations with intergers.

Algebra I/II

Simple expressions and equations, fractional equations, inequalities, and graphing.


Covers terminology, geometric figures, and trigonometry.

Math Word Problems.

Targeted practice for standardized test preparation.