Reading Curriculum


Focus on letter recognition, phonemic awareness, fine motor movement, and reading/writing concepts.

Word Sense

Decoding and spelling words using phonetic sounds

Comprehension 1

Reviews sounds from Wordbuilders, and basic comprehension and sentence writing.

Comprehension 2

Phonetic based series that uses advanced comprehension and new vocabulary.

Comprehension 3

Nonfiction reading passages with comprehension questions.

Comprehension 4

Longer nonfiction and fiction reading passages with comprehension questions.

Comprehension 5

Longer nonfiction and fiction passages focusing on main idea, sequencing, and comprehension.

Intermediate Comprehension

Test prep series with language arts drills along with comprehension practice.

Advanced Comprehension

Long fiction passages from classical literature.


Series focusing on grammatical rules used in conjunction with comprehension texts.


Essay building course including organization, structure, editing, and grammar review.